Fall 2009


Ax-Wielding Students Put Logging Tradition on Display

Whitney Chaney Buttleman, right, a senior in natural resource interpretation, shows off her underhand chop. Below, freshman Jack Kidder, competes in the men’s birling contest. He won the log rolling competition with only three weeks of practice.

For the first time this spring, Humboldt State played host concurrently to the West’s top collegiate logging competition and the annual Redwood Region Logging Conference. The college competition was covered by ESPN-U, the national collegiate sports network.

HSU’s Logging Sports Club welcomed 11 schools from five other states and picked up eight wins in the competition. The conclave was held in tandem with the 71st annual Redwood Region Logging Conference, which educates students and the public about logging and forestry practices and supports faculty who attend the Forestry Institute for Teachers.

Contests were held at HSU’s Fern Lake, behind the new Kinesiology and Athletics Building, and at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka. It included a variety of events that test forestry knowledge as well as physical prowess. HSU’s team captured the top five rankings in dendrology, a demanding trial in identifying plants and trees. The men’s timber cruising team took first place in its category, which involves estimating tree volume inventory.

There were many newcomers this year to the Logging Sports Club and they performed exceptionally, too. Freshman Jack Kidder, a forestry hydrology major, won the men’s birling contest (balancing on a floating log) with scarcely three weeks of practice.