Fall 2010


HSU: A Photographic History

(Top to Bottom): In costume with ukeleles, these women were part of the touring Lyceum or Collegians group in 1927. The term “Lyceum” covered operas, chorale, glee club, orchestra and dramatic performances offered to the public. | The military men at the World War II dirigible base in Samoa, Calif., flew over the quad at Founders Hall so that female students would come out and wave at them. The noise of the motor reverberated in the quad, irritating professors and inciting every dog within blocks to howl. | The Lucky Logger, the school mascot, was based on a 9-foot statue that once stood in the men’s gym. Here, he rides in a convertible in the 1962 Homecoming parade.

A new book by alumna Katy Tahja offers a fun and quirky photographic tour through HSU’s nearly 100-year history. Titled simply “Humboldt State University,” it contains more than 200 archival photos. Many have never previously been published.

THE BOOK’S PHOTOS COVER subjects from old dorm rooms with woodburning stoves to blimps flying over campus. Many show the impact on campus of events like the Great Depression, World War II and the Vietnam War. There are also plenty of photos of athletics and social events throughout the years. On the cover is a chemistry class in Founders Hall in 1938.

The book was published by Arcadia Publishing as part of its “Campus History Series.” It is available from the HSU Alumni website at a 10% discount, with free shipping (see below).

The book’s author, Katy Tahja, earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism 40 years ago at Humboldt State. She eventually married David Tahja (`71), and their daughter Fern continued the family tradition by graduating from HSU in 2007.

The author teamed up with longtime friend Joan Berman of the HSU Library’s Humboldt Room, which houses a large collection of campus photos, and spent last summer sorting through thousands of old and new images. She had to narrow them down to just over 200.

Through October, buy the book at a 10% discount & receive free shipping:http://alumni.humboldt.edu/book

A botany lab in the basement of Founders Hall in 1939. A botany lab in the basement of Founders Hall in 1939. Some of these now-antique microscopes may be found in the Robert Paselk Scientific Instrument Museum in the HSU Library.