Fall 2010


Students Call, Alumni Respond

Over $1 Million in Four Years

A JENGA TOWER DOMINATES the table in the office of HSU’s dedicated student callers. Anyone who brings in a pledge gets to take a turn. But no matter who topples the tower, everyone wins, because in just four years, student callers have brought in over $1 million.

Your gifts help fund student scholarships, instructional technology, facility upgrades, academic programs and much more. On most weeknights, the students sit down at their stations and reach out to HSU alumni and parents of current students. One of our student callers will be calling you soon to ask for a contribution to Humboldt State.

Although they are calling for donations, connecting with the person on the other end of the phone is an important part of the job. “The best part is the conversation,” says caller Julia Reynolds. “I learn a lot about HSU. It’s helping me stay in love with Humboldt.”

I talk to musicians all the time. As soon as I mention that I'm in the orchestra, they ask me what I play, and I've had some long – and awesome – conversations about the music in Arcata, big label bands, classical music, and so on. It's great! ~Michelle Arnett One of our student callers may call soon to ask you to contribute to Humboldt State University.