Fall 2010


Students Relight Redwood Bowl

Redwood Bowl

THE RELIGHT REDWOOD BOWL project, designed to slash electricity consumption and light spillage in the stadium, is now complete. The project was funded by a $75,000 grant from the student-led Humboldt Energy Independence Fund and carried out by the Green Campus Program. It reduces the number of light poles on the field from eight to four, and reduces the number of light bulbs used from 96 to 60.

The project is projected to save 61,000-kilowatt hours and up to $8,000 per year.

Interns from Green Campus, a student-led energy efficiency outreach program under the Alliance to Save Energy, partnered with campus Plant Operations, who did the installation and retrofitting of the new lighting. Green Campus also received input and support from the campus and local community.

“The project brought several benefits,” says Green Campus coordinator Sarah Schneider. “The lights produce less light pollution in the community and less carbon dioxide which benefits wildlife health as well as human health.”

HSU will receive a rebate of $0.24 per kilowatt-hour saved from a system-wide partnership with energy utilities. The UC-CSU Investor Owned Utilities Energy Efficiency Partnership allows campuses to receive energy savings through conservation efforts.

The lighting retrofit also provides learning opportunities for engineering students who will closely monitor the project to calculate the total amount of energy saved.

The Humboldt Energy Independence Fund is a student fee-based fund that finances student-designed energy production, efficiency and education projects.

“Since its inception, HEIF has empowered students to make actual effective change on campus through energy-related projects,” Schneider says. “This program enables us to demonstrate our capacity for creativity and professionalism, while working toward institutionalizing sustainability and energy efficiency.”