Fall 2011


Humboldt State Teams with NOAA on Ocean Monitoring

Eric Bjorkstedt Eric Bjorkstedt

A JOINT EFFORT OF Humboldt State and NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service is bridging a major gap in monitoring the northern section of the California Coastal System. NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Through a series of oceanographic surveys on board HSU’s research vessel Coral Sea and research at the university’s Telonicher Marine Laboratory in Trinidad, Calif., faculty scientists and students are collecting data considered essential to management of coastal fisheries.

One of the main goals of such long-term ocean observing is to support fisheries management off the North Coast and along the California Current as a whole.

“Eventually, we want to be able to develop Klamath-specific predictions for, say, Chinook salmon returns several years out,” says Fisheries Biology Professor Eric Bjorkstedt. “Right now we’re beginning to examine whether the Southern California data might be useful in the short term, but in another couple of years, when we have five or six years of data, we can begin to do our own analysis to inform fisheries managers who are trying to predict salmon populations. The whole purpose of the effort is to support informed and effective resource planning.”