Fall 2011


Major Gift Helps Expand School of Business

AN ANONYMOUS DONOR HAS committed $500,000 to support Humboldt State University’s School of Business.

The gift is the largest ever to the HSU School of Business and among the largest gifts given by an individual to the university.

“This gift will help transform the school over the next five years,” says HSU President Rollin Richmond. “We are very grateful. We are proud to partner with someone who sees a need in our community and is willing to lead the way in helping HSU address it.”

The university is already committed to investing about $2 million over five years to significantly expand the size and scope of the school. It is also working with business leaders, alumni and others to raise at least $1.5 million in private support. The focus is on business fundamentals, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Among other things, the recent gift will help fund more full-time faculty, renovate facilities and open additional class sections. The business curriculum will be enhanced, new interdisciplinary certificates will be created for students in other majors and for working professionals, and the MBA program will be expanded. There will be more opportunities for student internships with local businesses and for student research projects. There will also be additional support for the school’s faculty to conduct research and undertake special projects.

“What we have here is something rare in higher education—the chance to really transform a program in a relatively short period of time,” says Steve Hackett, an HSU Professor of Economics and the new Chair of the School of Business. “It’s an exciting time, and it’s inspiring that a community member has made such a tremendous investment in this effort.”