Spring 2012
Jahnna Morehouse

WHAT INITIALLY ATTRACTED JAHNNA MOREHOUSE (‘12, Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies) to Humboldt State University was the distance from her hometown of Altadena in Southern California. After seeing that the redwood forest was literally a part of HSU, her decision was solidified.

Her work over the past four years with the HSU Women’s Resource Center has fueled her passion for social justice. Morehouse was named one of the 2012 Outstanding Students of the Year and graduated in May. She plans to stay in Humboldt for a couple of years to work before (most likely) pursuing graduate studies.

ESCAPE FROM L.A. “I really liked the pace of life in comparison to the way things work in the city. I’m not really into the materialistic, superficial kind of thing, and you’re so surrounded and submerged in it. Initially, I saw this place as an escape from all of that.”

AN HSU MEMORY “The first thing that comes to mind is the Women’s Resource Center. I don’t think I would have stayed here if I hadn’t gotten linked in with that community. When I first started working there I was the youngest by two or three years but I was seen and treated as an equal from the start. I was the baby and now I’ve been there the longest … it’s been an amazing journey.”

FUN IN HUMBOLDT “When I first moved up here, I went to the beach all the time, and unfortunately I don’t get out there as often now.” She does have a dog though, so she tries to take advantage of the natural environment as much as possible.

Another favorite pastime is living room dance parties.

GREAT PROFESSORS “Christina Accomando, has been a major influence. I don’t think I would have gained as strong of a foundation in prison abolition so early in my life—because it was through her class that I read Angela Davis and was introduced to the idea of the prison industrial complex and the bigger implications within that. Christina has been an amazing support for me in the time that I’ve been here.”

“I feel like I need to say that I didn’t really have a favorite professor though. Everyone was there for me in a different yet crucial way. Kim Berry, Jesse Urban, and Barbara Curiel all passed on invaluable knowledge and I feel so proud to have been a part of the Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department here at Humboldt State.”