Spring 2012


The World by Tweets

GEOGRAPHY PROFESSOR MONICA Stephens created this “map” of the world’s twitter action with a colleague from the Oxford Internet Institute. It’s based on about 4.5 million randomly selected, geocoded tweets from March 5-13.

Twitter, they concluded, “might be allowing for a ‘democratization’ of information production and sharing because of its low barriers to entry and adaptability to mobile devices.” On the flip side, they say that censorship could explain China’s meager showing.

Map of Europe in 1700
Large Map
Box size denotes number of geotagged tweets per country. Shade/intensity denotes Twitter penetration Ratio of tweets to internet usersThe data presented in this map represent a 20 percent sample of all geocoded tweets published on Twitter between March 5 and March 13, 2012. Data collected by Devin Gaffney Map by Monica Stephens, Department of Geography, Humboldt State University Mark Graham, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

The map was featured in The Atlantic and a number of other media outlets.

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Professor Stephens blogs and shares her data-rich graphics at www.floatingsheep.org