Fall 2013


Natural History Museum Gets New Home

The Humboldt State University Natural History Museum will be getting a new home, thanks to an agreement with Redwood Capital Bank that provides ongoing resources for the museum and a new branch location in Arcata for the Bank.

Under this agreement, Redwood Capital Bank will lease from the University the Museum’s existing space, which is located at 1315 G Street in Arcata. In turn, the Museum will move across the street to the former Figueiredo’s Video building, which the Bank will give to the University.

Additionally, the bank has agreed to provide generous financial support to assist with the museum’s operations, as well as logistical assistance to build the museum’s endowment. The bank will also help promote the museum and will host exhibits in its new lobby.

“It is important to the bank and our board of directors that this partnership be a mutually beneficial collaboration for all parties involved, which includes the university, the museum, the bank and especially our local community,” said John E. Dalby, President and CEO.

“I am so proud to see this partnership become a reality,” said HSU President Rollin Richmond. “Ultimately, it means that the Museum is well-positioned to continue doing what it does so well—educate our children and our entire community about the natural environment.”

The Natural History Museum opened in 1989, and offers exhibits and programs for students, educators, and the general public to learn about the natural world. In recent years, it has increased its focus on offering programs for elementary school classes, as well as on training future science teachers. Last year, more than 60 elementary school classes took part in museum programs.