Fall 2014

No Surprise

Survey Finds Proud Alumni

Alumni gathered at 26 locations across the country to celebrate the HSU spirit.

HUMBOLDT STATE ALUMNI are happy with their education, likely to recommend HSU to another person, and are among the most loyal alumni in the Cal State system, according to the 2013 Alumni Attitudes Survey conducted by the Performance Enhancement Group, Ltd.

Humboldt State University recently participated in the survey along with 18 other CSU campuses. It polled alumni by email about their thoughts and feelings relating to their alma mater.

For HSU, 20,337 surveys were delivered and 1,746 responded. HSU has more than 60,000 alumni living in the United States.


  • Nearly all participants reported a positive opinion of HSU. In fact, 95 percent of participants said attending HSU was a “great” or “good” decision, and 94 percent said they had an “excellent” or “good” experience as a student. A similar majority also has an “excellent” or “good” current opinion of HSU.
  • Holding the university in high regard no doubt explains why roughly 50 percent of respondents said they promote HSU “regularly” or “all the time” to others. Most participants rate their experience as alumni as “good” or “excellent.”
  • Most agree the value of their degree has the largest overall impact on their opinion.

“I’m not at all surprised by these findings,” said Christy Khattab, director of Alumni and Engagement at HSU. “After traveling across the country meeting with alumni at HSU’s Centennial Roadshows last year, I’m convinced ours are among the most loyal and dedicated alumni anywhere.”

However, alumni did indicate there’s room for improvement. Younger alumni indicated that HSU can do a better job preparing them for careers and helping them after they graduate.

Regarding communication, most alumni have read Humboldt magazine or an alumni newsletter. Few, however, have returned to campus for reunions.

Humboldt State has taken note of these findings. In the prior 2008 Alumni Attitudes Survey, participants indicated HSU was failing to take advantage of email. In 2012, participants positively rated the amount and quality of email HSU sends to alumni, especially regarding regional alumni events.

Alumni are clear they want more help identifying job opportunities for graduates and chances to mentor current students.

“It’s great to know HSU alumni are happy with their time here. We’ll study this feedback to enhance current programs and services with the goal of giving alumni even more reasons to support Humboldt State University,” Khattab said.