Fall 2015

From the President

WITH THE RETURN OF STUDENTS for the new academic year, the energy level on campus is high. Skateboards, bicycles, and pedestrians fill the sidewalks, and music usually fills the Quad at noon. Fall is an exciting time to be at Humboldt State.

Energy is an important theme at Humboldt, and you’ll read about many different forms of energy in this issue of the magazine – conserving, focusing, and managing energy.

The collaboration between Humboldt State’s Schatz Energy Research Center and the Blue Lake Rancheria is a great example of HSU’s focus on renewable energy. Students and faculty are working together to develop a microgrid that is entirely powered by renewable sources. Not only will this project support an emergency Red Cross center entirely off the grid, if necessary, but the efforts will also improve the efficiency of solar panels and battery storage. You can learn more about the microgrid project in this issue.

A different approach to solar energy is part of the story about HSU’s L.W. Schatz Demonstration Tree Farm, and the ways in which photosynthesis converts solar energy into chemical energy. HSU is preparing a new generation of professionals in forestry and wildland resources, with a focus on transferring energy through natural and human systems. In addition, this magazine includes stories about human energy and fitness, including exercise programs for children with disabilities and for first responders.

The theme of energy pervades both this magazine and Humboldt State University. Education is powered by intellectual curiosity, by innovation, and by connecting ideas. Thank you for your continued interest and engagement in the exciting energy here at HSU!

Hope to see you around campus soon,

Lisa A. Rossbacher

Lisa A. Rossbacher, Ph.D.

Instagram: @hsupres
Blog: humboldt.edu/president/blog