Fall 2015

Ivan Soto (’16 Environmental Studies)

IVAN SOTO is co-director of the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) and media coordinator for the Natural Resources Club. He grew up in Imperial Valley, Calif., and enjoys getting involved in causes he cares about, both on- and off-campus.

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE “When most people think of studying the environment, they think of the natural sciences. But Environmental Studies is much more than that. It looks at social justice and how the environment ties into health disparities, race, class, and gender. It looks at where people live and how it affects their quality of life, health, and access to resources.”

MOSCOW OR BUST “I just got a research grant through the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences to travel to Moscow, Idaho. I went to a conference that focused on the humanitarian aspects of environmentalism and I talked about my experiences as a Latino student involved in environmental issues. The goal was to humanize environmentalism.”

EXTREME YOGA “In my free time, I do acro yoga on campus. It’s a combination of acrobatics and yoga where you and a partner balance each other in various poses with your legs. I take myself a little too seriously sometimes and it’s a great way to have fun.”

FRIEND OF THE MARSH “I grew up around the Salton Sea in California, where a lot of agricultural runoff is cleaned up by human-made wetlands. When I heard HSU professors were doing the same thing at the Arcata Marsh, I got excited. The marsh ended up being one of the first places I went to when I moved here. I love birding, and now, I’m on their board of directors.”

MAKING CONNECTIONS “When I first came here, I showed up at CCAT Volunteer Fridays. There were a bunch of amazing and really inspiring projects that were all student-created. I remember feeling welcome, in the sense that I felt connected with the work the students were already doing. The best thing about CCAT is making connections, not just with students but other campuses and organizations that are working toward similar goals.”