Fall 2015

STEP INTO THE COSTUME SHOP in the Theatre Arts Building and you’ll find students creating costumes for a variety of stage and screen productions. Here, they’re putting the finishing touches on clothing for Professor Sharon Butcher’s 2015 Spring Dance Concert. Here are some highlights:

Each year, the University presents 10-15 theater, film and dance productions—about half of which are written, performed and directed by students. The shop supplies costumes for many of those shows.

There, Theatre students focusing on Design & Technology learn the basics of costuming such as fabric options, color theory, sewing, patterning, dyeing, mask making, and millinery.

The shop has large windows and plenty of natural light, making it easy to conduct detail work. It also features a dye vat—a professional cooking pot that allows students to dye fabric in-house. “It’s an incredible luxury,” says Catherine Brown, costume shop manager.

No experience? No problem. You’ll typically find Theatre majors inside the shop, but students of all skill levels can schedule lab hours to learn the basics of costuming, and take lessons in hand and machine sewing.

Besides creating costumes, the shop provides accessories and clothing to the MultiCultural Center and other student clubs for festivals and displays.