Top Three
  1. Actors perform stretching and vocal warmups minutes before a matinee performance.
  2. Lighting Designer Jim McHugh talks with student light board operator Neville Marttinson during rehearsal.
  3. The costume shop constructs and fits the attire for the entire cast, including several costume changes for the play’s three acts.
  4. Collin Trevino-Odell pulls double duty as he applies a few final details to the play’s set. Trevino-Odell also performed as Camillo, advisor to King Leontes.
  5. Keili Simmons Marble curls her hair before she matches her makeup to graduatestudent Kitty Grenot’s detailed sketch.
  6. A student checks the Van Duzer Theatre’s lighting rig before the curtain rises.
  7. Wardrobe Chief Taylor Moten adjusts Jonathan Barrett’s (Antigonus) cravat in the theatre's dressing room.
Bottom Four