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Streaming Trio

Kiriki Delany, Jonathan Speaker and Jason Osburn

HAVE YOU EVER LISTENED to a podcast of the popular radio show “This American Life?” If so, you have unwittingly used the services of a streaming media company managed by a trio of HSU alumni.

Kiriki Delany (‘00), his former faculty advisor Jonathan Speaker (‘95) and Jason Osburn (‘98) manage the company that uses the Web to broadcast radio, television, and live events around the world.

Together they stream public radio stations from New York (WNYC) to Chicago (WBEZ) to Yellowstone Public Radio. Highlights of their broadcasts have included streaming for the 2007 Jamaican elections, Mexico’s largest radio broadcast group, and the number one iTunes podcast in the United States, “This American Life.”

It all started with Speaker and Delany’s interdisciplinary education at Humboldt State. “I was thinking about information-based technology and multimedia,” says Speaker. “At the time the Web was so new that it was up to me to cobble together my major.”

Delany had a similar experience. “Humboldt State had a lot to offer but the resources were fragmented. I had to use the Art department to access the computers, Theater to access the sound and Music for the keyboard and audio equipment.”

Speaker and Delany got their start at Humboldt State’s Courseware Development Center (CDC). Speaker created the CDC under Professor Hal Campbell’s direction and ran it for a few years. He says, “We were staffed with students like Delany that were hungry for what was going on in the world of the web, and the CDC offered the only real hands-on experience during
those days.”

Speaker says the best part about his job is “when you are a fan of the show that is being broadcast—that is job fulfillment.”