Spring 2010
Meet Humboldt

Meet Hollie Baptista (’10) of Chico, Calif., is a chemistry major. She works in the chemistry stockroom on campus, where she makes “unknowns,” solutions that students analyze to determine the fluids’ chemical makeup. She is also a recipient of a Smullin Scholarship, which was set up by media pioneer William B. Smullin for HSU students from Northern California and Oregon.

Discovery “I found something new in chemistry, a shape that has never been seen. While doing theoretical chemistry on the computer, we ran the stabilities of a molecule. Turns out the molecule in a certain form does this bending that hasn’t been seen. We’re writing it up and submitting it for publication.”

Wearing an heirloom “The coat I’m wearing is actually my mom’s lab coat from nursing school. It has pen marks all over it where I try to put the pen back in my pocket while wearing my big protective gloves.”

Getting the scholarship “I have been saving my money since I was around six years old, and when I got to college I thought I had plenty. But life seems to cost more at this age and the money ran out. Without the scholarship, I would have had to quit, because I had no way to make that kind of money.”

My mentors “The profs in the chemistry department have all been mentors in one way or another. They say things like ‘I really think you should do this or that with your career.’ In my senior seminar I was all stressed out and they all gave me positive feedback. The department here is really warm and fuzzy.”

Not just science “I took an amazing Jazz History class that expanded my thrill for music beyond what I thought possible. Now I’m taking History of Rock and Roll with Howie Kaufman. I love that class. I’m just sitting there singing along. I collect records and have almost 200 pieces of vinyl, including all the Beatles. I sang with a girl-punk-rock band in high school. I’m a pretty good singer even though I have no rhythm. I eat up the stage, honestly.”