Spring 2011

THE NEW COLLEGE CREEK COMPLEX is made up of 97 apartments, complete with kitchens and furnished living areas, all located next to a community center and NCAA soccer field. The apartments are designed to make life easier for all residents. Their location on the southwest corner of campus offers convenient access to the school's academic core and recreational areas, while the proximity to downtown Arcata makes it a breeze to get around on foot or bicycle.

  • Three stories, 430 residents and a great place to sit next to the fire. The complex features a common area complete with a massive indoor/outdoor fireplace.
  • Built to NCAA standards, the artificial turf field is constructed from recycled rubber and is 20 yards longer than the Redwood Bowl field.
  • The women's soccer team took on Sonoma State in a 1-1 draw in the first game played on the new field. In addition to soccer, intramural teams and club sports have access to the field, as do students looking for a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee.
  • The 15,000-square-foot Great Hall, located behind the big clock, is the newest gathering space on campus.
  • Just in time: The College Creek complex opened its doors on Aug. 23. The same day HSU welcomed nearly 1,300 freshman to campus.
  • "This is definitely the best dorm on campus," resident Joseph Uglick told The Lumberjack, HSU's student paper.
  • This year 2,012 students live on HSU's campus. Thanks to the new apartments, that's up from last year's 1,570.
  • Included in the complex is the College Creek Marketplace, which opened in February. It features fresh produce, prepared foods and lots of convenient meals to fuel late night study sessions.