Spring 2012

From the President

President Richmond

Daily, I enjoy looking at the redwoods that surround and adorn the Humboldt campus and enjoy walks on the local beaches. Those of you who attended Humboldt State University can, I am sure, appreciate the local splendor of the area. Like many others, I am concerned that such a beautiful environment may not be available to my grandchildren or their children.

I am grateful that many students and researchers here at Humboldt State University recognize this as well and work tirelessly to improve the world around us. As you will note in this edition of Humboldt magazine, the research work by professors like Matt Johnson, Luke George and Mark Colwell focus on understanding the habitats of birds, some of which are local.

Many years ago, I married a behavioral ornithologist and had the pleasure of occasionally helping her gather data on the mating system of cardinals. I was most impressed by how difficult this science was and the cover story in this edition emphasizes this point well. As the work of my colleagues demonstrates, it is becoming increasingly important to study the ecology and behavior of avian species. Humboldt has outstanding faculty who, through their infectious passion for the environment, have inspired students to become the new leaders of efforts to preserve our natural world both for other species and for ourselves. Humboldt students, like none I have ever met, are committed to social and environmental responsibility and will be a part of the solution for our planet.

I want to thank all of you who have attended Humboldt State for the contributions you are making to the world. I am sure that, having been Humboldt State students, you share many of the same ideals that our current students hold dear. Please come and visit us from time to time and enjoy what Humboldt has to offer.

Rollin Richmond
Rollin C. Richmond