Spring 2012
Matthew Thompkins

Matthew Thompkins (‘12, Business) is from the other side of California, South Central, Los Angeles, to be precise. “HSU was far away from home and a fresh start,” Thompkins said. He started out as a marketing major, but that quickly changed with his experience at the Career Center, as well as the Center for International Programs. He is now set to graduate this spring with a degree in Business and a minor in Chinese Studies. After studying abroad last spring and summer semesters in China, learning Mandarin Chinese, Thompkins decided he wanted his international focus to be on business, while improving his language skills. Through his time at HSU, Thompkins has had three internships as a legal intern, marketing intern and a term with the State Department working in trade and investments.

MOST MEMORABLE TIME AT HSU “All the times I went to the Career Center, where they helped me set my goals. The Career Center helped me get the U.S. State Department internship where I worked with the Bureau of South and Central Asia Affairs. I worked specifically on trade and investments in India. It was a very lavish internship where I got to meet ambassadors, CEOs and Hillary Clinton.”

FAVORITE THINGS TO DO ON CAMPUS “Running on the track at night helps me clear my head. You can see the stars and hear nature. It allows you to really focus. I also love going to the BSS building and studying on the top floor because the view is nice.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT HSU “It’s a tranquil place where you can study and enjoy nature. And we are an eco-friendly school. There are not a lot of schools in the country that have that liberal, open-minded perspective.”

THE COURSES THAT STOOD OUT Three courses really shaped Thompkins’ experience at HSU: Business Law, International Business and Chinese. “If those were the only three classes I ever took, they really prepared me for my study abroad experience in China and D.C.”

A BIT OF ADVICE “Take courses that will challenge you because it builds character and it builds skill. Also, adventure out, always.”