Spring 2013

Banning Ramirez (’14)

Banning Ramirez

RAMIREZ IS IN HIS SECOND YEAR at Humboldt State, but his lengthy resume tells another story. Ramirez served as a counselor in the Humboldt Orientation Program, is currently an on-air host for KRFH and holds an Ambassador Coordinator position with HSU’s Office of Admissions—all while juggling a hefty class load of units. “I want to experience everything. I’m here to explore.”


I will always remember the love that everyone has for the university, for the community and for one another.

WHY JOURNALISM? Ramirez has always had a passion for writing and film, but his curiosity doesn’t stop there. Ramirez is determined to experience a little piece of everything the major has to offer before setting his future career plans. “I’m going to do it all; write for the Lumberjack, host my radio show, experiment behind the camera and whatever other opportunities arise.” Ramirez’s only set plans post-HSU are to enter the entertainment industry in some capacity. Oh, and an Oscar in hand by age 30 is on the list as well.

MOST INFLUENTIAL PROFESSOR: Tasha Sousa. “I literally believe she changed my life. She taught me to be an effective communicator and listener.” Since Sousa’s class, Ramirez’s confidence level in interacting with others has skyrocketed. As a result of the valuable lessons he learned in Intro. to Human Communications, he is now more comfortable at engaging in conversation with others, both personally and professionally.

A BIT OF ADVICE: Ramirez advises all new students to just soak it ALL in. “If you’re confused, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Also, be social and get to know people. Some of my best friends at HSU are from my dorm room hallway.”