Spring 2014


Campus News Round Up

Humboldt Top School for Fulbrights

Humboldt State has been named a top school for Fulbright scholars by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Three HSU faculty members received awards in 2013-14, making Humboldt State a leading producer of Fulbright scholars among U.S. universites granting master’s degrees. The recipient professors are: Tasha Souza, Communication; Eileen Cashman, Environmental Resources Engineering; and Matt Johnson, Wildlife.

Cyclists Capture Conference Championship

The HSU Cycling Club is the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference Mountain Bike Champion. HSU was the top ranked team every week throughout the recent conference championships and has been a winner five years in a row.

Earth Tub Boosts Campus Composting

Funded in part by gifts to the Humboldt Loyalty and Parents & Family funds, HSU has installed an Earth Tub compost digester that can handle 100 pounds a day of food waste. The tub can produce usable compost in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.

Schatz Lab Probes Electric Vehicle Issues

Researchers from the Schatz Energy Research Center are working on electric vehicle readiness in Northern California and New Delhi, India. Researchers are investigating the need for public charging infrastructure. They’re also measuring the impact of traffic congestion on electric vehicle performance and the practice of battery-swapping in place of charging.