Spring 2014

New Recessional to Usher Graduates to Their Futures

When professor Gil Cline sets out to compose a piece of music, there’s no telling when inspiration will strike.

“Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes months,” says Cline, who was recently asked to compose a new commencement recessional for HSU’s Centennial celebration.

Gil Cline at his desk

Gil Cline composed a new recessional, “Sempre pro Veritas” to usher students through the New Century Class commencement ceremonies.

“You have to let the theme come to you and you never know when that’s going to happen,” says Cline, who teaches courses in studio trumpet and horn and directs the university’s brass ensembles.

Cline’s theme came to him while recording a CD for HSU’s baroque trumpet ensemble. “I was rehearsing and a melody popped in my head,” he says. Cline assigned the melody to the trombones and from there, the notes began to fall into place.
Cline’s recessional is inspired by sounds from campus. The university’s bell tower, the HSU fight song and the Arcata noon siren are all featured prominently. He also incorporated musical genres from the last 10 decades leading up to HSU’s Centennial.

“My goal was to use themes that relate to campus and Arcata,” says Cline. “My hope is that it will be heard by generations to come.”

“Sempre pro Veritas” or Always for Truth will premiere May 17 in Redwood Bowl.

As for the name, Cline says: “As a professor, one of my responsibilities is to speak the truth as I know it. To me, this piece is the truth of the centuries.”

You can listen to snippets of the new recessional below.