Spring 2015

Online Map Offers Glimpse of HSU: Then and Now

THANKS TO A NEW PROJECT by Humboldt State Library student-intern Grace Rotwein, anyone interested in local history can now get an online view of the school and Arcata, then and now. Rotwein’s “PinIt” project is hosted by HistoryPin, which allows users to pin historical content to Google Maps.

For instance, clicking on the Google street view tab allows users to fade in and out of the historic image and the current scene. One photo illustrates the Arcata Plaza as seen in 1913 and now. Another shows the Founders Hall parking lot, circa 1949, located at the bottom of the steps

Access the interactive site

After signing up for an account, visitors can also add their own photos—past and present—and pin video and audio. All components are sorted into digitized collections of HSU and local area content.

A true historian, Rotwein poured through campus archives to find suitable illustrations, labeling, dating, and adding descriptions to each piece. Taking the user-friendly system one step further, she organized the elements into collections and tours of campus, complete with mobile access.